Curry – Malaysia Style

Malaysian Curry for a Change!

Indian curry has been a staple dish in the UK for several decades. Most would have already enjoyed and experience the spiceciness of the curry cooked with different Indian herbs and spices. The Indian curries are so widely accessible that you can have them in various restaurants and takeaways in almost every corner of UK major cities, smaller towns and suburbs.

There are many and subtle differences between Malaysian and Indian curry. In Malaysia, we are so grateful that we have many different kind of curries from Malay, Chinese and Indian origin. The Indian curry can either be thick or watery type. Apart from the different herbs and spices, Indian curry are normallty on the salty side with yogourt or milk added. The Malay curries are mainly base on coconut milk thus resulting as watery gravy although some are cooked as thick curries. The Chinese nonya curry are usually added with ‘Assam’ which gives the soury tangy taste.

Malaysian curry are normally prepared with beef, mutton, chicken, fish or even the finger-licking fish head curry. Typicall eaten with a plate of hit piping rice, curry are also taken with with bread, lempeng, jemput-jemput, roti jala (lace crepe) or cracker. So tasty! The smell of curry wafting through the kitchen is enough to set our stomach rumbling and our mouth watering.

There are many ways of preparing Malaysian curry which normally use different tropical herbs and spices as its main ingredients, added with curry powder and coconut milk. Some may opt to add concentrated schreded fried coconut base or known as ‘kerisik’ as well as curry leaves in their curry.

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